Top 5 Reasons We Love Beer Fests

Nick from Midwest Bias at the Maryland Beer Fest

Flowers are in bloom, college graduations are over, and the thermometer continues to creep up.  You know what that means?  It is Beer Festival season!  Over the last few weeks Hooch and Hops (with an assist from Midwest Bias) has started hitting the festival circuit so we thought it was time to bust out our list of the Top 5 Reasons We Love Beer Fests.



1.  Making New Beer Friends

Whether you travel to different events around the country or are just seeing what is going on in your local area, every beer festival is an opportunity to meet new friends.   Any friends you make at a beer fest are bound to be awesome because we all know that craft beer people are the best.

Round Guys Brewing out of Lansdale, PA






2.  Meeting New Brewers and Breweries

If  you have read the Hooch and Hops post here and here, then you know that craft brewing continues to grow both in terms of volume brewed and sales.  While the continued expansion of some of the bigger craft brewers fuels much of this growth, we are also seeing a lot new micro and nanobreweries hitting the market.  An added benefit of all of this growth is that there will be at least one new brewery at every beer fest you go to.  More new breweries means more new beers and more people reaching for a nice cool craft beer.  All good things.

3.  Great Photo Ops

H and H writer Patrick wields the Hammer of Glory

Dude Rocking a Beer Bottle Suit


‘Nuff said…









4.  Trying Out New Beers

Reason number 4 is a corollary to reason number 2.  With more and more new brewers and breweries out there and an increasingly sophisticated level of beer drinker, the pressure to create new beers is ramped up.  Whether it is a big brewer like Sam Adams resurrecting an old style or a new guy trying to make a name for himself with an extreme brew, the winner is the craft beer drinking.

The number of places brewing hard cider is rapidly rising.



Voodoo Brewery out of Meadville, PA











5.  Festival +Craft Beer = Mouthjoy 

Kielbasa with kraut, pulled pork, oyster on the half shell, anything wrapped in bacon, BBQ, BBQ, BBQ.  These are just a few of the food items you can find at craft beer fest around the country.  My personal favorite so far this year has to be Mr. and Mrs. Jerky and their table full of various meat and fish jerkies.  Ma and Pa Jerky were nice as hell and slung a mean jerky.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerky had one of the busier tables at the AC Beer Fest


There you have it folks, the Hooch and Hops Top 5 Reasons We Love Beer Fests.  The season is just getting underway so look around your home town and see what is coming up.  As a reminder, Philly Beer Week is coming June 1st through the 10th so make your plans now.

Drink Better,



Our Friends from North of the Border Bring the Heat




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