The Glory Days of Beer Ads

Hooch & Hops thought it appropriate to celebrate the days of old when breweries sold their been on more than their ability to sneak in under the 60 calorie range. Added water and less flavor wasn’t the rallying cry in the 1950′s when the marketing masterminds of Guiness and Shlitz pushed their barley-brew with far more important sales pitches. Back then, it was about geography, what your Mother told you, and having a big nose. Undeniably, these factors lend themselves far better to a finer beer than calorie count or cold filtering. Cheers to the simpler days!

Milwaukee aparently owes its overwhelming fame to Shlitz Malt Liqour. I can’t imagine how the lesser cities such as New York, Chicago, Paris, and Rome survived without such fine brew.

Moms do know best.

Tucan see, tucan do!

But… these days…

Source: Life.com http://www.life.com/gallery/48851/beautiful-old-school-beer-ads#index/0

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