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Small breweries offer you a chance to meet the people making your favorite beers, often seeing them in action from your seat in the brew house.

Round Guys Brewing, Boaks Brewing, Ship Bottom Brewing, and Full Pint Brewing were just a few of the smaller, up and coming breweries that Hooch&Hops met over the weekend as Philly Beer Week got off great start.  Many of these operations are run by just a handful of truly dedicated folks.  In fact Brian Boaks brewing career started when his kids bought him a Mr. Beer kit.  He is his only employee, contracts out to two breweries, and, due to increased demand, is thinking about adding a third.  He also has a new iPhone app out.

One of the fun parts of being a craft beer drinker is getting a chance to meet the people who make your favorite drinks.  Check to see if your state has a Craft Brewer’s Association website (California has an easy to use page), find a craft brewery in your neck of the woods and stop in.  I can’t tell you how many times a brewer has poured me a sample of an as-of-yet unnamed, unreleased beer following a conversation about our shared affection for a certain beer/style.  Scott Vaccaro of Captain Lawrence Brewing (If you are in the NYC area take the time to visit this Westchester County gem). shared a bottle of his sour, barrel-aged Rosso E Marrone with my wife and I.  That experience changed me from an avid fan of The Captain to devout follower.  I had drank the Koolaid.  These brewers are dedicated to building their following one drinker at a time.  This approach takes a lot of work, but successfully builds a fan base that goes out and spreads the craft gospel, potentially gathering more craft fans every time they go into a bar.  Drink Better,  Mark

Rosso E Marrone- A complex American Sour that is aged with Brettanomyces and ripe red grapes in wine barrels.

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