It Turns Out That Beer is Good For You After All

I posted this article link on Facebook the other day and thought that I would highlight it here on the main page.

Eight Facts You Didn’t Know about Beer & Health by The Beer Fox

The Beer Fox (great name) summarizes the work of eight different scientists from around the world whose research all point to the same conclusion:  Beer is good for you and if everyone in the world drank beer the world would be a better place.

  • This Bicep Brought to you by Beer

    Beer, when drunk in moderation, can help bolster the cardiovascular system.

  • Beer is good for women in that it can help maintain bone density and enhances the antioxidant properties in breast milk.
  • Beer is good for your brain and helps ward off cognitive problems as you age.
  • The “Beer Belly” is not caused by beer.  That is to say it is not solely caused by beer.  Lifestyle and general eating habits have more to do with the development of your gut than whether or not you tip back a few brews.
  • My absolute favorite health benefit is that drinking a beer following a workout can actually help you re-hydrate.  I knew there had to be a reason why drinking a beer in the shower after football practice in college felt so good.

Basically, the article boils down to the fact that if you drink good beer in moderation, you will live a healthy life and be a generally awesome person.  Drink well.



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  1. Mark says:

    This explains my wonderful physique.

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