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It is that time of the year when old men think they can still play ball (e.g. see pic to right), work goes undone, husbands go missing, and in some cases wives for a little event called March Madness.  In the spirit of March Madness we here at Hooch and Hops are presenting our own little bracket Beeratology this bracket is based on fun more than anything, and through some collaboration of beer peeps these can be very fun because they crown the best beer, right? 

Check out the bracket selection and leave some comments letting us know who got screwed in the match up and if you think there is a beer missing that got snubbed like the Colorado Buffaloes did on Sunday.  Fill out your bracket in the attached excel sheet and let us know who makes your Final Four, make sure to look for updates throughout the NCAA tourney to see who advances in our Beer Madness!

Cheers, Frank 


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