Hooch and Hops at Guinness Believer Philly

Lining up for the Guinness Believer Event in Philly


It was a grand old time at Trust in Philly for the Guinness Believer event last Wednesday night.  A bunch of the boys from Hooch and Hops East coast made the trip down to the City of Brotherly Love in order learn some of the history of Arthur Guinness’ historic brewery and sample the fine beers that are produced today.

Good size crowd

Good Size Crowd, Great Atmosphere...



Guinness Host Dan Judges the Perfect Pour Contest

Guinness Host Dan Judges the Perfect Pour Contest

Dan, our Guinness host, was polished and full of energy as he walked the crowd through a series of tastings and events like the Perfect Pour contest.   -Side note-  A perfect Guinness pour should take 119.5 seconds.  This is a double pour that allows the beer to “surge and settle” and then be topped off.

St. Jame's Gate Brewery, Dublin

St. Jame's Gate Brewery, Dublin

Guinness had plenty of multimedia displays set up around the room.

Guinness had Plenty of Multimedia Displays set up Around the Room.

Guinness offered up three samples at the Guinness Believer event.  The first sample was the traditional Guinness Stout.  It is kind of hard to miss the mark with the traditional Guinness Stout, remembering consistency is not a bad thing.  Next up was Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.  A pleasant surprise, Foreign Extra has been brewed for over two hundred years and has a higher level of both alcohol and hops, making it suitable for exportation.  The final sample was the new Guinness Black Lager.  I was not a huge fan of the Black Lager but I appreciate the fact that Guinness is trying to stretch their wings a little bit.




Hooch and Hops will be keeping an eye out for other beer and distilled spirits events around the country so let us know of things going on in your hometown.  Remember to follow Hooch and Hops on twitter @HoochandHops and on Facebook.


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