Drinks Not to Order on St. Paddy’s Day Weekend

Why is it that all Irish themed booze mixtures somehow poke fun at the more sensitive components of Ireland’s conflict-ridden history?  Do yourself a favor as we go into the particularly boozy St. Paddy’s Day weekend and spare yourself the shame and possible retribution resulting from ordering a “Black and Tan” or “Irish Car Bomb”.  

The fratster favorite “Irish Car Bomb” shot of Jameson Irish Whisky and Bailey’s Irish Cream dropped into half pint of Guinness is an obvious affront to Ireland’s religion-based terrorist activity.   Poor this concoction down your gullet (and partially on the sleeveless Notre Dame shirt you are wearing) all you want, just call it a Irish Boilermaker at the local pub,  tip well, and promptly step back to your table of giggling post-grads and “brahs”.  Better to bring home the girl than a busted jaw from that guy at the bar that did care. 

The less apparent affront to Irish culture is the “Black and Tan”.  Apart from a popular mixture of Guiness and Harp, this name refers to Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force who in the 1920’s got nasty by attacking a load of Irish civilians mistaken for IRA (Irish Republican Army) terrorists.   These buggers didn’t quite steal the hearts of Ireland’s pub-going population, so best not to celebrate them with the equivalent of a “Heaven’s Gate” or “Jonestown”.   We are splitting hairs on this one, but it’s best to instead order a “Half and Half” with Harp and Guinness.

Drink politically correct-ish this weekend.

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