Disaronno for Dummies

Alright… let’s go through it one more time.  You lost us when you uncovered magic behind crafting a “Disaronno on the Rocks with Lemon”.    It’s always tough when the drink name is ALSO THE INGREDIENT SET AND INSTRUCTIONS!  Thanks, Disaronno.   You  made yourself look dumb and have made us feel even dumber for wondering if this ad campaign could possibly be happening.   Is this really an advertisement or just one of those terrorist propaganda films attacking the absurdity of us infidels?

Next time I see this expert “mixologist” at the bar, I’m going to order a “Crush the Bottle on Your Forehead”. 

Commercials below:

Since the T.I. lookalike didn’t tell you, Disaronno is an almond flavored liquor that’s distributed by Bacardi.  It’s a one way ticket to hangover town due to its sweetness, but it won’t offend those with nut alergies because Bacardi doesn’t actually add any real almonds to their almond liquor.  Drink Better.

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