Hooch & Hops 101: Intro to Better Beer Drinking

Allagash White: A Great Intro Craft Beer

Here at Hooch & Hops we strive to help you take your drinking to the next rung on the evolutionary ladder.  Gone are the days of cheap plastic bottles of booze and 30 packs of beer that cost $9.99.  Hooch & Hops (part of the Cosby Sweaters Network) is here to talk to you about high quality craft beer and distilled spirits in an unpretentious manner.  Words like “bottle conditioned” and “mixology” will become part of your everyday drinking lexicon.

Series such as Hooch & Hops 101 will introduce ways in which you can move towards a higher quality of drinking.  This first post in our Hooch & Hops 101 series focuses on the transition from drinking the Big 3 beers to microbeers.  Keep an eye out for future Hooch & Hops 101 posts focusing on small batch distilled spirits.

Our Hooch & Hops writer Mark takes a great deal of pride in his track record of converting dedicated macrobrew drinkers into ravenous microbrew drinkers.  He and his wife often set up camp directly in front of the taps at their local watering hole with the intention of striking up friendly chatter with folks who are ordering beers from the Big Three.  Just this past week he intercepted a gentleman ordering a Shocktop and convinced him to try an Allagash White.  He loved it (even without the orange slice).

Mark and his wife have a tried and true logic they use when trying to convert people to craft beer:  You tell me what macrobrew you like and I will suggest to you a craft beer you will love.  The key points Mark takes into consideration when choosing microbrews for novice craft drinkers are:

  1. Higher ABV’s-  Especially with drinkers in their mid-20′s, being able to have fewer beers and catch a light buzz goes a long ways.
  2. Better flavor-  Being able to enjoy a beer after its been sitting for 10 minutes and is no longer freezing cold says a lot about a beer.  Quality beer should be drunk near cellar temperatures so you can enjoy the complexity of the flavors and aromas.
  3. Local, local, local-  Support your local brewers!  Visit the folks who make the beer!  This creates a familiarity and loyalty with the people who make your beer.  This is the backbone of the craft movement.
  4. Versatility/Functionality- Name me a food,  a holiday, or a celebration and I’ll pick you a beer to go with it.  Bacon wrapped scallops?  Try a Sierra Nevada Summerfest Pils.  Grandpa’s 80th birthday?  Try an Old Leghumper Porter from Thirsty Dog.

    This porter's smooth taste and great label will take Gramps back to the good ol' days.

    Keep checking in with Hooch & Hops for info on high quality hooch and fine craft beer.  We will be review new drinks, live tweeting for various beerfests, and post relevant articles and commentary on our Facebook site.  If you have any comments, recommendations, or questions you can always fire off a tweet to @hoochandhops or hit us up on Facebook.


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2 Responses to "Hooch & Hops 101: Intro to Better Beer Drinking"

  1. Matt says:

    Having had old leg humper I can say not only does it have an outstanding label it also has an outstanding taste.

  2. Mark says:

    Matt, how did you get introduced to craft beer?

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