Charlie Sheen on Samuel Adams vs. SanTan Brewery

Recently Sam Adams filed a cease and desist order against SanTan brewery located in Chandler, Arizona to stop using a beer glass that infringes on their patent.  SA who spent 2 years developing this specific glass for their flagship lager obviously has concerns about how San Tan’s glass looks eerily similar.  I thought since Charlie Sheen was giving anyone who asked an interview I would take advantage…

Me:  Charlie, thanks for taking the time

Charlie:  Hey, I’m here to win, win!

 Me: That’s great, So, what do you think about San Tan’s glass, it looks pretty similar to Sam Adam’s glass don’t you think?

Charlie: No, No, SanTan should be proud of what they created it was radical!

Me:  We’ll do you think Sam Adam’s should just give up the lawsuit?

Charlie: Defeat is not an option, their a Warlock!

Me:  Huh?  Ok, well SanTan says their glass is different, according to SanTan their base is 40 percent larger, the weight of the glass is 78 percent heavier, and the volume is 25 percent bigger what do you think about that?

Charlie:  Whoa, magic and poetry are at their fingertips

Me:  That’s great, so Sam Adams being the largest craft brewery in the US and sometimes collaborating or lending a hand to smaller breweries is sort of shocking the craft beer world with this news what do you think about that?

Charlie:  Sam Adam’s is tired of pretending that they’re not a total bitchin’ rock star brewery from Mars

Me:  Charlie, I know you have a few thousand more interviews to give and I don’t want to hold you up from yielding your machete, so last question, apparently the sides are not trying to settle this, what do you think would take to get this done?   

Charlie:  People that have Tiger blood, Adonis DNA

Full Article……http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_southeast_valley/chandler/national-beer-company-wants-chandler-brewery-to-stop-using-’similar’-beer-glass

CHANDLER, AZ – A local brewery is taking on a much bigger brewer over the right to use a beer glass.

The SanTan Beer Company in Chandler has been asked by The Boston Beer Company to stop using their traditional SanTan glass. The Northeast company, who brews Sam Adams, cited the similar look of the SanTan glass to theirs as the reason behind the request.

“It’s ironic that Sam Adams calls themselves a craft brewery and then goes after a fellow craft brewer,” said Anthony Canecchia, who owns SanTan Brewing Company.

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