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Late last year, a grass roots Brewery tournament was hosted on BeerAdvocate.com.   Involved was a 4 week voting process in which the blog’s readers submitted votes for their favorite US Brewery in a 32 slot bracket.   Out of the 1,600 breweries in existence within our great states, 32 stepped up to the plate as participants.   West Coast standouts such as Deschutes and Russian River went toe to toe with the Midwest’s prized Surly and New Glarus.  Florida even managed to squeeze in an entrant with the cult favorite Cigar City Brewery. 

The West put up a good fight with Sierra Nevada, Russian River, and Stone scrapping their way into the Elite 8.  Despite featuring a newly minted TV star head brewer Sam Caglione, Dogfish Head got dusted by the classic contender Sierra Nevada for a spot in the final four.  But, the final pair was all Michigan.  That’s absurd, but when the digital dust settled and around 500 votes were cast in the final bout between Bell’s and Founders, it was Kalamazoo’s Bell’s that emerged from the ring. 

For a full breakdown of each bout, take a look at the official link:


For Bell’s hottest beer on the market this new year, grab a bottle of their Hopslam Double IPA.  Pumped with loads of cannibus’ cousin (hops) and fortified with a bit of fresh honey, this season offering is currently knocking socks off bitter-barons nationwide.   

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